Urban Studies
Event and Residency Program in Helsinki & Shanghai
DCA Artist-in-Residence programme, Zendai Himayalas Center
The NUT Lab
Helsinki International Artist Programme HIAP
January 2010 – December 2011

Urban Studies was launched during Shanghai World Expo 2010, in The Nut Lab, in January 2010. Urban Studies discusses the possibilities of sustainability in an urban environment. The project brought together various art practitioners in order to discuss and share ideas on the issues of sustainability, urban planning and development in the context of urban life forms. The project, which focuses on visual art, mirrors and investigates culturally and ecologically sustainable development in the urban environment. The project offers multidisciplinary encounters, and raises questions such as whether development can be defined solely in western terms, and what are its local dimensions in a global context.

Urban Studies Events at The NUT Lab
Karri Kuoppala
Sauli Sirviö
Jenni Valorinta
Tuomas Laitinen & Jukka Korpihete
Moby Dictator

Urban Studies Residencies at HIAP
Aaajiao (Wenkai Xu)
Wengfeng Liao
Chen Hangfeng
Shaw Xu Zhifeng

Urban Studies is Curated by Aura Seikkula in collaboration with Marita Muukkonen and HIAP