A National Referendum Project
Jan 24 – Feb 6, 2005
Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki

PLAN*B FOR ARKADIANMÄKI was an alternative democracy project highlighting the democratic tools and opportunities for the citizens to voice their opinion and govern. The program consisted of three main sections.

I. PLAN*B Referendums
PLAN*B FOR ARKADIANMÄKI organized a series of seven Referendums. The Referendums were directed for the Finnish people but were open for discussions from others as well. The active voting period was online from January 24 to February 6, 2005.
Referendums were formulated by – Anu Karjalainen
Amorph!03 – Oliver Kochta & Tellervo Kalleinen – Homokaasu community & gasmaster
The Long Now Foundation – Alexander Rose
The Yes Men – Mike & Andy
Utopian World Championship
Kaulbach Society

II. PLAN*B projects
Share your predictions of the future in Long Bets or Utopian World Championship! Participate in the Kill Everyone project or play a game of Spastic Chess! Follow independent media and participate in producing it! Establish your own nation-state!

III. PLAN*B discussions
The presentations and discussion sessions at the PLAN*B headquarters in Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art were held during the voting period in January-February 2005.