Fotografi: NU 2009 – Small Parts of the World
Oct 1 – Nov 8, 2009
CFF Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm
Nov 4 – Dec 1, 2009
The European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

Fotografi: NU biennial looks at photographic art as a language for social issues, where the core question is how can and do traditions of photography employ critical approach and methodology. Its second edition, titled “Small Parts of the World”, takes a look at art’s potential and possibility to be a tool for raising, discussing and re-evaluating recent and projected social, political and global changes. The exhibition is looking at the current ambitions in the field of contemporary art through socially and politically engaged artistic practices.

The exhibition introduces 14 Swedish artists working with moving image and combining traditional lens based practices with critical approaches and methodologies. The artists aim to describe social and political realities. However, they are not manifesting the ideal state of the world but show various subjective efforts to describe structural frailties. Fundamentally “Small Parts of the World” shows that the political and social questioning stems from a commitment to understand, describe and disprove the structural faults and exploitation that has to a certain extent become a human intention.

With this notion the exhibition aims at setting the stage for intercultural dialogue and to give alternative approaches, new perspectives and accesses to political agendas. Hence the participating artists of Small Parts of the World discuss issues of human rights, gender, sexuality, heteronormativity as well as the structures and hierarchies of society, the right to information, the struggles of an individual in juridical system and as a part of the multitude, commercialisation of warfare, everyday exploitation of authority, the ambiguous boundaries of private and public, the politics of the glance and how prejudices and ideologies spread and effect an individual.

Participating Artists
Erik Aalto, J Tobias Anderson, Rune Andersson, Petra Bauer, Johanna Billing, Loulou Cherinet, Love Enqvist, Juan-Pedro Fabra, Saskia Holmqvist, Conny Karlsson, Runo Lagomarsino, Jesper Nordahl, Annette Krauss och Anna Ådahl.

Curated by Aura Seikkula & Liv Stoltz
In collaboration with Karolina Pahlén & Johan Pousette