Now collaborating for the content of Finnish Art Today FAT
A trailblazing magazine about Art & Life.
FAT is made with the same drive, creativity and vision as the best art.

Exceptional art deserves an expectional magazine. FAT is possessed by the same drive that makes artists provoke and challenge. FAT is curated with a focus on the best art and artists, and in the context of Finnish Art Today — something you’ve never seen before.

FAT comes from the makers of Kasino A4, The Most Melancholy Magazine, an international award-winner that followed its own black & white and style from 2005 to 2009. The team consists of Art Dictator Pekka Toivonen, Text Designer Jonathan Mander, Moderator Tero Kartastenpää and Curator Aura Seikkula.

FAT is is available all over the world. Editions #2013 and #2014 are distributed by Export Press and in Finland by Akateeminen Kirjakauppa. Edition #2015 will be released in October 2015 at the Berlin Art Fair.