In collaboration with TU Swedish Media Publishers’ Association, the exhibition The Act of the Word celebrates 250 years of freedom of press at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern with a combination of art, history and media.

The Act of the Word thus considers how the free word is not only a jurisdictional entitlement but even more so an ethical obligation. As the French-Lithuanian philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, urges us, we have an obligation towards the word. For Levinas, “Words are symptoms or superstructures, such that conscious cries and gestures form part of the nightmare they had to interrupt.” Thus, as he continues, whether arising politics falsifies the original intentions of the word, we have an obligation to cry out in protest. This is what I consider the potential and the act of the word.

The exhibition itself is not a protest nor an effort to display the thorough history and development of the freedom of the press but rather a display of perspectives contributing to the ongoing, global discussion of the free word and the Swedish media context.

The exhibition is composed, but what remains to be explored with the audiences and participants is the actual definition of the free word.

Participating Artists
Tima Radya (RU), Halil Alindare (TR), Michael J Baers (USA), Karolina Breguła (PL), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE), Christian Saldert (SE), George Young (UK).

Participating Writers
Jeanette Gustafsdotter, Jonas Nordin, Kerstin Brunnberg, Ashraf Atraqchi, Carl Cederström, Anders Rydell, Josette Bushell-Mingo.